Book evaluation form

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15 Book Evaluation Forms

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Book Review Form

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Title: Textbook Evaluation Tool* Author: Jefferson County BOE Last modified by: Jefferson County BOE Created Date: 2/28/ PM. textbooks, and balancing the need for thorough evaluation with the need for efficiency.

This checklist is based on recent research in second language (L2) instruction and Is the cover of the book appealing? (1,2,3) 4 3 2 1 0 M O N ii. Is the visual imagery of high aesthetic quality?

(1,2,3,14) 4 3 2 1 0 M O N iii. Are the illustrations. under my supervision in a satisfactory manner. The trainee has successfully performed all tasks in the PTB for the position.

All areas of project report forms completed (learning experiences, things made, raised, awards, etc.) X Expression pages (at least one; may be up to one per project). EVALUATING THE BOOK AS A WHOLE: THE BOOK REVIEW Thus a book review's evaluation is both an objective matter of what the book presents and a subjective matter of what the book does to the reader.

Chapter 8 Evaluating the. Book Design Evaluation Form – This is an evaluation form which mainly focuses on the layout and the appropriateness of a book’s design towards the whole plot of the story.

Associations and organizations who conduct book designing contests use this form for judging the entries of their participants.

Book evaluation form
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