Book of the city of ladies

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The book of the city of ladies

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The Book of the City of Ladies

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About the Manuscript Nicaula. About the ability Queen Artemisia. She prepared the books with the aid of copyists and illuminators and offered them to patron princes and kings. Le Livre de la Cité des dames (The book of the city of ladies) is perhaps the best expression of Christine’s lucid and humanist feminism.

THE CITY OF LADIES provides positive images of women, ranging from warriors and inventors, scholars to prophetesses, and artists to saints.

The book also offers a fascinating insight into the debates and controversies about the position of women in medieval culture/5(26).

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In this book, written inthe author is given examples (by Lady Reason, Lady Rectitude and Lady Justice)to help erect a 'city of ladies'.

In part it is a metaphor of the city being built up of the reputations of great women, but it is also meant to be peopled with great and virtuous women too/5. Having completed the city, the three Virtues turn it over to Christine, who rejoices in all that they have accomplished. Christine speaks to all women and declares the City of Ladies a refuge where they can find respite and safety from the sexual aggression and cruel attacks by men.

For the most part, The Book of the City of Ladies follows the same pattern over and over. First, Christine will bring up a common female stereotype.

First, Christine will bring up a common female stereotype.

Book of the city of ladies
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