How to write a cheque singapore dbs

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Online Cheque - Frequently Asked Questions

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Issuing a Cheque

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DBS clears $600,000 cheque 'by mistake'

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Cross the cheque by drawing two parallel lines across the top left-hand corner of the cheque; Cancel “or bearer” on the cheque; and add “Account Payee Only” (or “A/C Payee Only”) if the payment is meant only for the person written on the cheque. A crossed cheque is cleared through the bank account of the payee.

This is a Cheque Printing Software designed to ease the cheque writing. This software is very useful fo the persons who does not want to write the cheques and want the cheque to look neet and elegant.

Cash and Cheque Deposit

With this software you can also enter the cheques and after that print the cheque one by one. Deposit your cash and cheques at any of our 12 DBS Branches in India. We will update your account information over-the-counter where you can have immediate access to your account activity and funds.

Issuing a Cheque Write the Full Name of the payee as per the payee's bank records on the Pay line. Cross out the Bearer word on the cheque and double cross on the top left corner of the cheque if it has to be paid only to the said payee. iB Cheque - allows DBS iBanking users to purchase a local currency Bank Cheque online and mail it to any individual or organisation in Singapore.

Demand Draft - allows DBS iBanking users to purchase a foreign currency Demand Draft online, and mail it to any individual or organisation locally or abroad.

DBS clears $600,000 cheque 'by mistake'

I always forget what to write on the reverse side of the cheque every time I want to drop cheque. Advertisements With this article on hand, it will be easy to bank-in cheque to your bank account quickly.

How to write a cheque singapore dbs
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