How to write a tongue twister

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Tongue Twisters

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Icelandic tongue twisters. Ái á Á, á á í á. Grandfather from "Á" farm has a sheep in a river. Hear a recording of this tongue twister by Hafsteinn Óskar Kjartansson. The tongue twister in question goes, “Send toast to ten tense, stout saints’ ten tall tents.” The background music is a track I found on the Free Help Someone Else Do this Assignment.

Tongue twisters are a sequence of words or sounds that are usually alliterative (meaning the first consonant is repeated) and are difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly.

Tongue twisters are funny, but they can also help you with your pronunciation and speaking. A right-handed fellow named Wright, In writing “write” always wrote “rite” Where he meant to write right. If he’d written “write” right. English tongue twisters from the world's largest collection of tongue twisters.

tongue twister How to write a tongue twister
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mELTing Activities, Lessons and Ideas: 10 ways to use tongue twisters in your class!