Johnny depp writing a book

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Johnny Depp: Booklover

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Johnny Depp's Body Art

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Johnny is well known for his body art. Most of his tattoos have been done by New York tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw. Johnny has said: "My body is a journal in a way.

Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The character was created by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, and is portrayed by Johnny characterization of Sparrow is based on a combination of The Rolling Stones' guitarist Keith Richards and Looney Tunes cartoon character Pepé Le first appears in the film Pirates of.

About a week ago I got to participate in a press conference with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton for Alice in Wonderland. While press conferences are a crap shoot, anytime you get access to Johnny.

Johnny Depp has 17 books on Goodreads with ratings.

Curious world of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s most popular book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie Bucket, #1). Oct 05,  · Make Keira Knightley's Elizabeth Swann the lead, turn Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow into the villain and give it a shot.

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Johnny depp writing a book
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