Write a book in a weekend

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How to write a book in a weekend

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The Ridiculously Short Guide to Writing a Book in a Weekend (maybe)

It just happened again. An email landed in my inbox, claiming to teach me how to write a book in 30 days. As someone who just finished writing a book—which took me decidedly more than four skimpy weeks—I tend to give the side-eye to such hype.

Aug 26,  · Get inspired and learn how to write a book in a weekend! I'll take you on a fun journey and steps to get it done. Begin and Boost Your Authority Today! In Write a Book in a Weekend: 7 Insider Strategies Find the Time, Choose a Winning Topic & Get Your Book Done!

For Coaches, Consultants, Service Professionals & Entrepreneurs, Donna Kozik gives tips and techniques for all of this and more.4/4(21).

Mar 21,  · I got this book as I was interested in possibly writing a few short stories. The title should reflect that this book is specifically on how to write non-fiction how-to books in a weekend and does not focus on other types of books/5.

How To Write a Book This Weekend is a perfect strategy for first-time book writers who have been discouraged by the thought of pounding out words for months at a time. Inside these pages you’ll learn: * Where to find idea “factories” that allow you to “crowdsource” the hottest trending jkaireland.coms: DK says: The last Write a Book in a Weekend for comes to an end.

Write a Book in a Weekend

It was a fabulous time leading this group of soon-to-be authors this much closer to getting their book done and in hand!

Write a book in a weekend
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